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The Problem with ‘Ultimate Issue’ Questions

When preparing a letter of instruction for an expert witness, it is recommended that legal practitioners abstain from directly asking experts ‘ultimate issue’ legal questions. This is due to the risk that the expert witness’s answer will be deemed as being beyond their expert knowledge and be inadmissible, by virtue of not falling under the Expert Exception Rule in Section 79 of the Evidence Act.

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Anti-vaxxer v Doctor: Who is the real expert?  

Dr Judy Wilyman, one of Australia’s most notorious anti-vaccination activists, was reported in late September as having been called to act as an expert witness in a family law dispute between a mother and father. Background The dispute centres around whether the couple’s children should be immunised. Dr Wilyman was retained by the solicitors acting […]

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Expert Witness Training Day 2018

  ExpertsDirect hosts biannual training days to provide opportunities for experts to improve their skills as expert witnesses. Experts at all stages of their career are encouraged to attend and sharpen their knowledge of the expert witness process, from assisting their briefing solicitors through to the ins and outs of cross examination. This training day […]

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