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Expert Nutritionist says Heinz toddler snacks as sugary as confectionary

A dietitian for food giant Heinz has denied that the company misrepresented snacks for toddlers as health food, despite containing the equivalent of three teaspoons of sugar per serving. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission commenced litigation against Heinz before the Federal Court in June last year following a complaint from the health lobby group […]

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Court in Swift Groping case refuses to hear expert Gender Studies professor

David “Jackson” Mueller, the Denver radio host who was found guilty last week of groping pop megastar Taylor Swift, succeeded in an interlocutory motion barring the singer from calling a Gender Studies academic to profile Mueller’s masculinity during Swift’s successful claim for assault and battery. Mueller had initially attempted to sue Swift, claiming that he […]

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Australian Music Expert called in Eminem’s New Zealand IP case

Lawyers for American rapper Marshall ‘Eminem’ Mathers recently called on Australian composer, writer, and radio presenter Dr Andrew Ford as an expert witness in the rapper’s ongoing intellectual property lawsuit against the New Zealand National Party. Eminem’s Detroit-based music publishers Eight Mile Style allege that a song used in a 2014 campaign ad for the […]

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The Use of Expert Evidence in Continuous Disclosure Class Actions

This post finishes our recent series on emerging issues and trends in Australian Class Action Litigation. In Australia, there is a steady increase in major class action claims[1] owing to the increased prevalence of third party funding and a stable legislative environment. With this comes the need to ensure that plaintiffs and defendants alike are […]

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