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The Use of Expert Evidence in Continuous Disclosure Class Actions

This post finishes our recent series on emerging issues and trends in Australian Class Action Litigation. In Australia, there is a steady increase in major class action claims[1] owing to the increased prevalence of third party funding and a stable legislative environment. With this comes the need to ensure that plaintiffs and defendants alike are […]

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Damages in Securities Class Actions

Our look at recent developments in Class Action litigation continues in this post with an examination of damages awards in class action securities cases. Trying to ascertain the exact loss that a class of plaintiffs has suffered owing to an adverse share price movement is not an easy task. It is very difficult to differentiate […]

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Increasing Adoption of Harmonised Expert Witness Code of Conduct – Towards a Nationwide Approach

As outlined in our November 2016 blog, Sweeping Changes for Federal Court Practice Notes, the Federal Court, in late 2016, issued 26 updated practice notes for use in federal litigation. The previously used Practice Note CM7 Expert Witnesses in Proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia was replaced with the considerably lengthier Expert Evidence Practice Note (GNP-EXPT) […]

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Woods slams “poisoned mind” of state’s key Expert Witness

Gordon Wood’s landmark lawsuit against the state of New South Wales continues to highlight the need to source independent expert witnesses who are properly briefed on their obligations to the court. Mr Wood, whose conviction for the murder of his girlfriend Caroline Byrne was overturned by the Court of Criminal Appeal in 2012, recently claimed […]

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