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Expert Witness Case Study – Expertise, Errors and the Expert

Holdsworth & Ellison v RSPCA [2015] VCC 653  Background The case involved a dispute concerning the slaughter of cattle which occurred in the early 1990s on Victorian land. The dispute considered whether the RSPCA acted negligently in mistakenly putting down certain cattle owned by the plaintiff. The plaintiff’s contention was that, as a result of […]

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Expert Witnesses: When it All Goes Wrong

It is undoubtable that expert witnesses are an invaluable tool in the legal industry. They provide the court and the jury with insights into technical areas of expertise, which, in turn, allows juries and judges to make informed decisions on the case at hand. However, expert witnesses bring their own challenges and risks which legal […]

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Queensland Welcomes in New Class Action Regime

The Queensland Government has recently passed legislation[1] which brings Queensland into line with the Federal Court and the Supreme Courts of New South Wales and Victoria in relation to class actions. Whereas Queenslanders were previously forced to pursue class actions through other jurisdictions, they will now be able to commence such action in their own […]

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