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Expert witnesses are not advocates … or are they?

                Writing an expert report for the first time can be daunting. From interpreting a solicitor’s instructions to determining the appropriate tone, style, and form, experts have to juggle a number of considerations in order to produce an outstanding, useful report. In this guest post from legal reasoning […]

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Ask an Expert: Dr Greg Cameron

Dr Gregory Cameron is a general practitioner and authorised WorkCover medical practitioner based in Penrith, NSW. The founder of Healthnet Family Clinic, a multi-disciplinary surgery catering for over 15 000 patients, Dr Cameron is also an experienced expert witness who has prepared numerous expert witness reports through ExpertsDirect. ED: What is your field of expertise? […]

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Sourcing Expert Witnesses Promptly and Diligently

Case Study: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation v Agriculture Victoria Services Pty Ltd [2014] APO 80  Background This case considered a patent application contest between Agriculture Victoria Services Pty Limited (Agriculture Victoria) and the Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organisation (CSIRO). The CSIRO requested a three-month extension to file evidence in support. Such evidence was […]

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Does Legal Professional Privilege Apply to Correspondence with Experts and Draft Expert Reports?

            Legal professional privilege is a rule of both common and statutory law which prevents the compulsory disclosure of confidential communications between a legal adviser and their client. Under the Uniform Evidence Acts[1] adopted by the Commonwealth, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT, and the Northern Territory, a confidential document or […]

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