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The Dream and the Reality


The current state of Architecture, Development and Construction is so complex that nobody can explain their relevant intricacies let alone the mostly tortuous road which will include a full involvement in all three stages. Add human nature and commercial pressures to those fundamental elements and the path from Dream Building, whatever its purpose and size, to  the completed structure is, more often than not a very testing one for most if not all stakeholders. Our local, state and national courts, at all levels, have an immense record of the most bewildering variety of disputes between the principal parties to the ‘Dream’ : Designers, Proprietors, Authorities and of course Builders, just to mention the principal actors of this one-off drama… Whilst we have evolved many contractual systems in an attempt to define the responsibilities of the parties, as well as seemingly well tested procedures to act as guidelines in any project development, the unique characteristics of each site, the overly complex planning guidelines, a traditionally rugged construction industry and, above all, unique and also one-off personalities of the many engaged in creating the reality of the dream, are bound to lead to a vast and very varied number of disputes in almost any project. Anyone reading this will know exactly what I am talking about!  And if you are reading this, it may be too late to prevent the dispute but it may not be too late to find an early resolution through an expert navigation of the issues central to the dispute. Whilst the area is overly complex, having an expert with significant experience over their career  will help them to relate to, and identify with the parties in a dispute – simplifying the contentious matter. Gerry RIHS, for RIHS ARCHITECTS PTY LTD, Byron Bay NSW Image source: