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What ExpertsDirect and Our Clients Look for in an Expert Witness

Daniel Sosa is a Research Executive at ExpertsDirect. His experience in sourcing experts for all manner of matters has revealed to him some of the ways in which experts can make themselves tick in the eyes of researchers and lawyers. Below Daniel shares some tips on how experts can bolster their standing when it comes […]

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Expert Insights from Automotive Mechanic David Marston

I am a Master Mechanic with over 40 years of practical experience in repairing and modifying motorcycles, light, heavy, and racing vehicles and boats. I have designed and built training workshops, wrote numerous operational policy and procedures, and supervised teams who work along specific guidelines and standards. I have also taught in various Registered Training […]

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Forensic Expert Testing in Securities Class Actions: the Application of the Cammer Factors as a Tool to Test Market Efficiency

An “event study” is a useful tool performed by experts to measure the effect of the disclosure of information on the price of a particular security. This effect is measured by assessing the statistical significance of any “abnormal returns” that correlate to the specific news event. For example, it was recently reported that 1.9billion euros […]

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A Short Guide to Privilege in Expert Witness Reporting

Privilege Generally: Common Law and Legislation Client Legal Privilege allows parties in litigation to maintain the confidentiality of client-lawyer communications. A client can claim privilege over materials where those materials were produced for the ‘dominant purpose’ of providing legal advice to the client or assisting with litigation. Sections 117, 118, and 119 of the Evidence […]

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