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A Short Guide to Expert Witness Conclaves

Conclaves function as a way for courts to clarify the divergent and numerous expert opinions they need to address in more technical matters requiring two or more expert opinions. They arise when opposing sides in litigation or arbitration have sought expert reports and, for the purpose of effectively collating the positions of the experts, the […]

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Grounds for Adjournment During and After the Pandemic

The social distancing measures put in place these past few months may have affected the work of expert witnesses as they have all Australians. In the months that have passed, and in the months to come, courts will need to consider whether changes to the circumstances of expert witness reporting and court appearances will warrant […]

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Engaging Expert Witnesses during the Pandemic

With the implementation of social isolation policies, digital communication and eCourtrooms will now become the main format for conducting trials. Whilst Courts have released guides on virtual proceedings, the pandemic restrictions will no doubt affect the conduct of matters outside of court as well. The Queensland Supreme Court in its Judgement for Tyndall v Kestrel […]

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