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More than Just Fillers: the Utility of Expert Evidence in Jiang v BCDS International P/L t/as Miss Beauty [2019] NSWDC 578

In an age of growing demand for expedient and high-risk cosmetic procedures, we may see an influx of negligence claims soon, if not already. Where cosmetic treatment methods are increasingly esoteric and consumers increasingly reliant on popular science, it is clear that expert reports will play a key role in measuring the actual harms and […]

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Can Too Many Experts Spoil the Evidence? Court Competency and the Applications of UCPR Rule 31.54

When two experts present evidence, courts may choose to rely on the stronger report. In some instances, however, courts may appoint their own expert witness. Background White Constructions Pty Ltd v PBS Holdings Pty Ltd [2019] NSWSC 1166 concerned a delay in the construction of a 100-lot subdivision on the NSW South Coast. IWS (a […]

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