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Expert Witness Training Day 2018

  ExpertsDirect hosts biannual training days to provide opportunities for experts to improve their skills as expert witnesses. Experts at all stages of their career are encouraged to attend and sharpen their knowledge of the expert witness process, from assisting their briefing solicitors through to the ins and outs of cross examination. This training day […]

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Snapshot: Expert report debunks myth of Australia as a class action haven

A recent report has debunked the myth of an Australian class action boom, providing some perspective to critics’ hysteria over a litigious culture following in the footsteps of the United States. The report examined class action rates in different countries, noting that Australia was hardly the “out of control” class-action happy jurisdiction critics claimed, compared […]

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GetSwift Beauty Parade: engaging a single expert witness – does it make you more beautiful?

Phi Finney McDonald will exclusively run the class action against GetSwift, after the two other competing class actions were permanently stayed, as Lee J “was satisfied that the Webb Proceeding was very likely, in most scenarios at all stages of the proceedings, to produce a better return for group members”. [1] The decision hinged on […]

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NCAT relaxes rules for use of expert evidence

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) has revised ‘Procedural Direction 3’ which defines how experts must provide evidence before the Tribunal. The recent changes, which were initiated on 23 February 2018, now apply and have clarified the situations in which an expert must comply with an Expert Witness Code of Conduct. Codes of Conduct […]

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