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Code of Conduct for NSW, VIC, WA, SA NT and ACT

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What is the expert witness code of conduct?

The code of conduct is a document that instructs experts on their role within a court room. An expert’s role in litigation is quite specific, and misunderstanding it can cause (expensive) delays in a hearing, as well as impact on the fairness to parties involved. This is the primary reason that the Codes have been created.


Will it cost me anything?

The expert witness codes of conduct are entirely free. Because they are often buried in dense legislation or individual courts’ websites, ExpertsDirect have compiled them for your convenience.


Why do I need it?

In some jurisdictions experts must agree to be bound by the code of conduct, making it paramount that you familiarize yourself with their contents. Even if no code exists in the jurisdiction that you presently appear in it would be advisable to be aware of the substantive provisions of the codes in order to avoid being potentially liable for a party’s costs, and also to protect your reputation as a professional witness.


What if I don’t receive it?

If you don’t receive the code immediately, please contact us directly on the number below. If you need it immediately, the lawyer who retained you is usually under an obligation to ensure you have read the code and should have a copy.


How does it differ between states?

It important to note that there are a number of differences in the various Codes. For the avoidance of any doubt, we highly recommend that before appearing in any jurisdiction you download and read the Code and compare it to the one you most often use. From this page you can download the Expert Witness Code of Conduct for all states including NSW, VIC, WA, NT, SA and the ACT.

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